Paco Park Reservation – Fully Paid! :)

Having a party in a garden is actually a dream of mine — I can still remember how it was so magical when i attended a friend’s debut at Fr. Blanco’s Garden in Intramuros. I love the fairy lights strewn on the trees and the air billowing gently on my skin. I already set my mind on having my wedding (or at least, the reception) in a garden way past when Ian is not yet my boyfriend. :P

Before we went to Caloocan City Hall, we dropped by NPDC (National Park Development Committee) to pay for the remaining balance of our reservation. We had the contract from Josiah’s Catering ready (there is a corresponding caterer’s fee — 15% for accredited caterers and 20% for non-accredited — sadly, Josiah’s is not accredited by NPDC).

Here’s a breakdown of the expenses, in case you will have Paco Park as your reception venue:


Reservation Fee                P 1,290.00
Venue Fee                            7,680.00
Caterer’s Fee                        (15-20% of the caterer’s fee)
Electrical Tapping                 1,440.00
Video Tapping                         960.00
Janitor’s Fee                         1,500.00 (given to the janitor on-the-day na)
CASH BOND                        10,000.00 (refundable after the wedding)

The electrical and video tapping fees shown here are their standard rates.  It will still depend of course on your lights/sounds/video setup.

La Prima Vera Restaurant

It’s funny because we already booked Josiah’s Catering and MPO but we haven’t book our ceremony and reception venues.  We are considering Malate Church as our ceremony venue – mainly, because, it held a special moment for us, way back, when we had our first major date (maybe i’ll post the story, let us see :P).

We also did our research on reception venues, and decided to hold a garden reception.  The garden that stood the most for us is at Paco Park — it is serene and very intimate because the size of the park is perfect – small and quaint.  Paco Park was a cemetery during the Spanish colonial era – it was where Jose Rizal was interred before his body was transferred to Luneta Park.  It was also where the famous priests, the GOMBURZA(Fr. Gomez, Fr. Burgos, and Fr. Zamora), were buried.  Now, it is just a recreational garden which is a popular venue for weddings and concerts.

At that time, we do not have the money to pay for reservations.  It was just lucky that a friend of ours (an orgmate from college) contacted me on facebook.  He told me he has a friend who needed an architect for their feasibility study on a restaurant.  Apparently, they already hired someone to do their plans but bailed on them and left them with unfinished drawings.  So of course I took the job. :)

Here are the old plan as well as my concept plans and elevations:



(This was what they gave me to work with.  The La Prima Vera is supposed to be a high-end fine dining restaurant located in a 500 sqm lot situated along Quezon Ave.  Concept of the restaurant is about travelling so they want a design that would relate to it.  The old plan is way off the desired setting they want to convey – and measurements were wrong – the architect did it on a 1000sqm lot.)


(These were rushed so presentation are not that good.  My concept is basically the “airport” feel.  Facade are glass curtain wall and aluminum cladding.)

I presented my design and I am glad they liked it. :)


The very next day, Ian went to Manila to immediately booked our chosen venues. :)  God is really great! ♥


(I later learned that they passed their feasib and will be graduating this year! Congratulations! :) ).



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