SUKOB in english means “conflict”.  For Filipino Weddings (or for Filipinos in general), we have a lot of traditions, superstitions and beliefs — SUKOB sa kasal and sa patay are among them.

SUKOB SA KASAL:  it is believe that misfortunes will befall the couple if they decided to get married during the same year a sibling also got married.  If you have watched the film SUKOB starring Kris Aquino and Claudine Baretto, this is exactly what the story is all about.

SUKOB SA PATAY:  wedding should not fall during the year of mourning over a deceased immediate family, else again, misfortunes will come on the couple’s way.

Personally, i do not believe on these superstitions, but i believe that out of respect (over a sibling, or over a deceased relative), it is appropriate to move the date of the wedding.

The question is, do we have to move our wedding?  I respect my grandmother’s passing away, but I believe she will be more than happy that Ian and I will be getting married finally (ironically, the 40th day of mourning – another Filipino superstition that after 40 days from death, the soul of the deceased will ascend to heaven – is also the day of our wedding).

We waited for long, a lot has already been done for the wedding day, and almost everything is set.. so now i’m confused…

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